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Slip Cast, a site-specific dance and video installation, was realized by sub.set dance in collaboration with HQ objective/Fortune Gallery & Press in Portland, OR, August 2016.

In reference to the molding of persons and behavior, both conscious and unconscious. The manufacture and slippage of self dependent on biological, environmental, and interpersonal factors.

We are in the space. Now that we are here we try to figure out what we are composed of and how we compose the room. The site specific video installation is an incomplete catalog of the things we are made of, including our hereditary biology, interpersonal relationships, media consumption, and the room.

Artist Direction and Concept: Alanna Hoyman-Browe

Direction, Filming, and Editing: Jackie Davis

Choreography: Alanna Hoyman-Browe, Alden Jones, Claire Thomforde-Garner, Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies, Jackie Davis, Jeanne Yoon, Simone Wood

Performance: Alanna Hoyman-Browe, Claire Thomforde-Garner, Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies, Jeanne Yoon, Simone Wood

Music: Madelyn Villano

Companion Publication: Jeanne Yoon with Alden Jones and Simone Wood

Support for Slip Cast was provided by Reed College and HQ objective/Fortune Gallery & Press.

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