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Sleep Cycle

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Sleep Cycle was commissioned for Ten Tiny Dances: Beaverton, OR, July 2015.

A second version was performed at Reed College in February, 2016.


Dreamscapes take shape in the hinterlands of our imagination and experience. They hold a fluid relationship to personal agency, challenging and redefining the limits of our control. Our dream worlds can be infinite, expanding forever in every direction. Or, they can trap us within a set of unknowable laws of physics, just outside of the conscious world. Where do doors lead us within a dream? Do the rules stay the same on the other side?


Four dancers pass through an ever changing dream world, trying to share it, bend it, and wake up unscathed.  When the alarm goes off, how easily can they slip back into the delights or conflicts of sleep? Like a dream, the stage is never quite the same when they return.


Choreography and Performance: Alanna Hoyman-Browe, Claire Thomforde-Garner, Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies, Simone Wood.

Music: Madelyn Villano

Support for Sleep Cycle was provided by the Beaverton Arts Commission, Ten Tiny Dances, and the Reed College Dance Department.  

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