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Alanna Hoyman-Browe  came to dance by way of many other things. These days she loves how bodies make meaning in space even when they aren't trying. Alanna studied dance and also economics at Reed College, and recently appeared in a site specific piece by Carla Mann.

Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies trained at the Joffrey Ballet School and with the Vertigo Dance Company in Jerusalem. She has a thing for animal masks and gold lamé. A recent graduate of Reed College, where she completed an interdisciplinar major in dance and music, Hannah has appeared at the Spoleto Festival USA, the Philly Fringe Fest, and the Boston Summer Arts Festival.

Claire Thomforde-Garner has trained in performing arts, dance studies, and creative process with Carla Mann, Minh Tran, Eiko Otake, Ishmael Huston Jones, and Headlong Dance Theatre. Claire’s artistic process embraces whimsy and spandex, competition and laughter, rage, anxiety, and one Baywatch bathing suit.

Simone Wood  grew up dancing and performing on Vashon Island and in Seattle. She plays with computers and thinks about the digital forms through which we experience dance. She has recently worked with Carla Mann, Heidi Duckler, Paul Clay, and Tori Abernathy at Surplus Space. 

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